Touch is the very first sense to appear in utero.

Infant Massage provides you with the opportunity to communicate love, comfort, care and support for your baby through the power of touch.

Infant massage is practical- it's physiological, science-based, and can improve neonatal health outcomes.

And it's relational - helping parents to bond with their new baby while learning the ins and outs of handling infants.


Infant Massage

You want to breastfeed, and you want to breastfeed early and well.

I hear ya.

Lactation services are available for you from the first latch to the first day back in the office, and any place you need to feed your baby - even if it's 30,000 feet in the air while you travel.


Lactation COunseling


Newborn care



Sleep is a vital physiological behavior in children’s development,

and it impacts your entire family when your baby is not resting well.

Sleep coaching is about noticing the right things, meeting all your baby's needs, and having tools to respond to what's not working.

That's what I do. Let me show you how.

The information overwhelm is so real. I am here to help you cut through the noise and shine as parents. More than a service, we offer solutions that leave you feeling skilled, confident, and rested with your new baby. Clients have used used my services to help with:

- 24-hour and overnight care

- Newborn Care Consultation

- on-demand service wherever you need it - including travel coverage.

well-rested parents

kind words from

"She is such a patient and awesome teacher and her love for children is very apparent."

kind words 

We asked her lots of questions and she was all ready with answers.

"Calm, flexible and knowledgeable."

kind words 

I took an infant massage class with La Terra. I learned the ins and outs of massage, and she also gave me some other tips on newborn care while we chatted. I'm glad I have this skill now to bond and help my daughter calm down!

"La Terra has such a calm soul and nurturing heart."

kind words 

She incorporates the perfect balance of hands on experience and education that any family would be lucky to have her on their family support team!

What To Expect

Dedicated, professional, and high-quality newborn care services - the highest standard in child care.

catered to Your preferred level of assistance and tailored to your personal requirements.