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A Nursery Assessment

Baby 101 Class For Caregivers & Grandparents 

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My "Why": The Reason I give all of my services to every single family without charging them more.

You and I have a lot in common. When we lead, we bring all of our skills, hard earned expertise, presence of leadership, and finely honed competence to the table. That is because when we show up we bring everything we've got to bear on our challenges. 

That is how we lead- without making ourselves anything less.

I know that I can not solve every challenge of becoming a parent while remaining a professional. But there is one piece of it that I can do something about.

If there is something I can give, I give it. If there is something I can do, it's done.

Every family gets the benefit of every skill I have - because all of your babies deserve to be safe and well.

What To Expect

Dedicated, professional, and high-quality newborn care services - the highest standard in child care.

step 1.

Let's Get To know Each Other

I don’t believe that newborn care is one-size-fits-all! I know that Darlin' Baby Co. families are unique and I work VERY hard to find them! I serve a very specific type of family who recognizes that if they want a restful postpartum period that allows the entire family to recover with their newborn, they need more than just a warm set of arms. They need an incredible expert in their nursery. The first step in working with me is determining fit. After getting to know you over the phone, we’ll determine if we’re in perfect alignment for your goals and then we’ll move on to the booking process! ...

Save the date

Wonderful, you've decided to join the Darlin' Baby Co. family! Now let’s make sure your dates are safe and secure. I’ll send you a custom online booking proposal where you can review your package and pay your deposit to make everything official.

Your Prenatal Visits

Your baby is coming soon and you have so many questions. Don’t worry... I’ll teach you EVERYTHING! After you book, we’ll schedule two prenatal visits - one for the Prenatal Lactation Consultation and a second for the Nursery Assessment and Baby 101 class. I recommend we schedule these about eight weeks out from your birth.

It's time to meet your baby

Even after so many years of caring for newborns, I still get excited the day a baby is born. I know that day brings a lot of joy, and a lot of overwhelm. The good news is, you won't be doing it alone. We will do it together.

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well-rested parents

kind words from

"She is such a patient and awesome teacher and her love for children is very apparent."

kind words 

We asked her lots of questions and she was all ready with answers.

"As new parents, La Terra made our transition into parenthood much smoother than we could have imagined. "

kind words 

Her knowledge and comfort level with all things involving infants and postpartum assistance was apparent from the very beginning.

"La Terra has such a calm soul and nurturing heart."

kind words 

She incorporates the perfect balance of hands on experience and education that any family would be lucky to have her on their family support team!

"Words cannot express how much we appreciate everything that La Terra has done for our family."

kind words 

She has been a true gift and we will be forever grateful for the expertise that she brought into our home.

"La Terra came to us with the highest recommendations. And we could not have been happier with her care for our daughter (and for us as clueless new parents).. "

kind words 

From the moment she walked in our door, she calmed all of our worries from our baby’s jaundice, to breastfeeding, to the newborn schedules. It is immediately apparently that she is an expert in all things newborn.

"Calm, flexible and knowledgeable."

kind words 

I took an infant massage class with La Terra. I learned the ins and outs of massage, and she also gave me some other tips on newborn care while we chatted. I'm glad I have this skill now to bond and help my daughter calm down!