Fellow Parents,

Words cannot express how much we appreciate everything that La Terra has done for our family. She has been a true gift and we will be forever grateful for the expertise that she brought into our home. As first time parents, we were incredibly excited to bring our baby home but very overwhelmed at the same time. We knew that La Terra was a true expert, but we couldn’t have predicted the profound impact that she has had on our lives as parents.  

Having La Terra allowed us to rest at night so we could be the best possible parents for our daughter. But, it was La Terra’s calm energy, her unmatched experience with newborns, her in-depth knowledge of breastfeeding/pumping, her patience and her guidance that made the biggest difference. 

La Terra ensures that you’re thinking about every piece of the puzzle. From creating the optimal sleep environment, to establishing a consistent schedule, to using specific techniques to soothe or understand cues, La Terra holds your hand through the early stages of parenthood. 

I saw a review on La Terra’s website that said, “…do whatever [La Terra] tells you to do, because it works.” We could not agree more.

We followed La Terra’s guidance and it made the world of a difference. At just four weeks, our daughter was on a consistent day-time routine and started to sleep in 6-hour stretches at night, with only one feeding. Because we had our baby on a schedule, we were able to avoid mid-day breakdowns and were able to create an environment where our baby was peaceful and happy (and so were we!). When we needed to adjust the schedule because our baby was getting fussy during the bedtime feed, La Terra worked with us on a tailored strategy to help avoid the bedtime fussiness. 

It’s obvious that La Terra cares deeply about her clients and wants whats best for them (the babies and the parents). I truly wish every parent could experience working with La Terra for the first few months of their baby’s life, and we consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with La Terra. 

Karla C.

To Whom It May Concern,
It’s my pleasure to recommend La Terra Jackson as a newborn care specialist. La Terra was our newborn care specialist for our baby girl from the day we came home from the hospital until she was two months old. La Terra quickly became part of our family. As new parents, La Terra made our transition into parenthood much smoother than we could have imagined.  Her knowledge and comfort level with all things involving infants and postpartum assistance was apparent from the very beginning.
With La Terra we learned the ins and outs of swaddling, bath time, changing, feeding, and all things that go along with learning how to care for our newborn. She also designed a sleep schedule for our little one, which has been absolutely amazing and something we can follow as our little one grows, making the transition back to work much smoother. She did all of these things with warmth, kindness, and a passion for her job. She always put the health and wellness of our child above all else and took pride and joy right along with us as she watched our little one grow and thrive.
We cannot say enough wonderful things about La Terra and how she helped us as new parents and the care she provided to our little one. La Terra is truly a gift and we know she will make a new family’s transition into parenthood or welcoming another little one into the family just as wonderful and special as she did for us.

Leigh and Alex D.

Dear Fellow Moms and Dads,

I am happy to be writing this letter to recommend La Terra Jackson as your newborn care specialist. She worked with us and our twin girls for two weeks that made all the difference in a very difficult situation. We would have continued working with her if we were not moving out of the country.

La Terra came highly recommended to us when we were seeking care for our newborn twins. We were struggling with managing two babies at once, particularly because one of our twins was in a great deal of discomfort after each feeding. Her pain became a source of stress for everyone in the house. Our greatest need was to have guidance on how to help our baby to feel better in order to find peace for us all. Before working with La Terra we tried a lot of things to calm her cries. The situation warranted expert guidance. That is where La Terra came in. We are immensely grateful for her help.

One of the most important changes La Terra made was to improve the way we were feeding. She also spent time educating us on safe sleep- due to the reflux our baby was unable to sleep flat on her back or without a pillow, as is the recommendation from the AAP. La Terra remedied the situation in a couple of nights. More- she was able to get both babies sleeping through the night by starting good sleep habits like eliminating the pacifier and teaching them to fall asleep without extensive feeding and rocking. As a result, our girls are no longer being overfed. We can rest easy knowing our babies are free from any risks in their bed at night.

We wholeheartedly believe La Terra will be a great help to any family who is lucky enough to have her. Please email us for a recommendation. We would love to share our impressions and experience of La Terra’s care. Spoiler alert- we have nothing but good things to say about her.

Pelin E.

To Whom It May Concern:

 My husband and I used Hush Little Baby to have a night nurse for our newborn daughter
during a very busy time in our lives. I was in school full time, we were two weeks away from
moving to Chicago, and we had a one-week old!

 La Terra came to us with the highest recommendations. And we could not have been
happier with her care for our daughter (and for us as clueless new parents). From the moment she
walked in our door, she calmed all of our worries from our baby’s jaundice, to breastfeeding, to
the newborn schedules. It is immediately apparently that she is an expert in all things newborn.
My stress levels immediately dropped after talking to her for just the first five minutes.

 We had so many questions and worries in those first few days and La Terra immediately
reminded us that we were just in “survival mode” and every new parent goes through those same
cycles. La Terra was also enormously helpful in lactation advice as well, and I felt like in the
short period that we had her with us our baby got the hang of breastfeeding so much better.

 La Terra’s calm demeanor was even more pronounced with our daughter. She kept the
sleeping environment dark, quiet, and slow for our baby, and our baby was noticeably less fussy
when she was in La Terra’s arms. She knew every tip and trick in the book and taught us so
much - from the best swaddles for our baby [who loves eating her hands] to pumping tricks and
even recommended great baby products that have already made our lives so much easier. She
cleaned bottles and assembled pumping equipment without being asked, and it seemed like she
had everything under control without us even giving her a tour of our home.

 We are so sad to be parting with La Terra, who now has another client she committed to
before us. We wish we could have kept her for as long as possible. Any family would be so
fortunate to have La Terra, and we mean that from the bottom of our hearts.

 Please reach out to us if you have any further questions, but I can guarantee you will want
to have La Terra care for your baby (and you!).

 All the best,

 Camille L.

Re: Recommendation for La Terra Jackson

 La Terra was our sleep coach for eight weeks, six weeks immediately after our daughter’s birth and then an additional two weeks after a two-week vacation. Both Brett and I are first time parents and had a steep learning curve. La Terra was absolutely indispensable for us as new parents and taught our baby Paige (and us) so much about sleeping through the night (which was our primary goal). In fact, at seven weeks old our baby was frequently sleeping from 7pm to 7am!. As a by-product we were also sleeping through the night!! We attribute this success to La Terra’s carefully structured daytime routine.. The guidance that she gave for sleep training was not something that we could have learned by simply reading a book. She taught us soothing techniques and how to implement a schedule that we could follow successfully once her time with us was over.

 As new parents, we also found that there were so many products that friends and registries said that you absolutely must have. La Terra also helped us weed through these lists and made recommendations as to which products were really needed and some that were not on many list but were extremely helpful to get our baby to sleep. We actually bought many of her recommended products and were pleased with our purchases. For example, she recommended the cool mist humidifier for baby Paige and sure enough when we went to the pediatrician that is exactly what they recommended. Same with the infant probiotic.

 As a new parent there is much nervousness and excitement that comes with caring for a newborn for the first time. In many ways it can be a daunting task. La Terra is an excellent listener and is patient with our many questions. She also gently makes suggestions and offers a guiding hand. She is experienced and can give you the shorthand version on how to successfully navigate your babies entrance into this world. To anyone who is considering hiring La Terra, you will not regret doing so. She will enable you to be the best parent possible to your baby girl or boy.

Brett and Rebecca F.

Dear Future Parents,

With gratitude and happiness, we write on behalf of La Terra Jackson, who was our night nanny for three months to our newborn baby Eiden. La Terra was beyond excellent, exceeded our expectations, and has our highest recommendation. Any family would be lucky to have her, and we will certainly hire her again if we have more children.

When we hired La Terra, we had a vision for our family. As first-time parents, we wanted someone who would put the health and wellness of every member of our family first, and also guide us on our new journey. After interviewing La Terra, we were so impressed we decided to hire her immediately. From the first day and still now, we have only grown more energized as we watched our entire family thrive with La Terra’s help.

La Terra’s approach to caring for Eiden was to begin how you mean to end. With her nurturing care and sound approach, she showed us how to build good habits early on and meet 100% of his needs so that he could grow strong. We appreciate the way La Terra built connections between science and research to inform our choices in everything from his nutrition to his development. We aligned with that philosophy because it mirrors so much of what we do already with each other and in our work.

La Terra nurtured our son throughout the night and took care of all of Eiden’s needs. With her help, Eiden slowly began sleeping five to six hours straight a night, allowing us, and particularly mom, to get the precious sleep she needed to help her rest and recover. Amazingly, Eiden started sleeping through the night, from 7 P.M. to 7 A.M., after only five weeks, and has ever since. A result our family and friends could hardly believe! We also credit her for seeing us through a tough first week by identifying the tongue tie that was missed at the hospital. We couldn’t understand why our baby was unable to latch or eat well. But with La Terra’s help, we were able to quickly identify the issue and figure out a workable solution to Eiden’s feeding needs.

In summary, La Terra exceeded our highest expectations and we hope that you hire her as your newborn care specialist. When we had our baby, and particularly as new parents, we had many
concerns. But with La Terra’s assistance and guidance, we successfully navigated the challenges, and we are stronger as a result. La Terra’s approach showed us that she was beyond qualified to help us learn the ropes as new parents. And we thank her so much for taking care of our family and making sure that our baby is loved and nurtured. She will make a huge difference in the lives of your family and your new baby.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information.

Serena and Andrew R.

Dear La Terra,

I do not know where to begin this letter, as there are too many incredible things I would like to share. I must first thank you for being a part of our growing family. You have taught all of us so many invaluable skills, one of which is sleep. Thank you for helping us get enough sleep to function, and thank you for easing Eli into a wonderful sleep routine. Your knowledge base is incredible, and it shows when you are here. We learn something new from you daily.

There are times that parents cannot do what you can do. It may be due to lack of knowledge, sleep deprivation, or fear. You have a way of not only showing off your skills, but also teaching us as parents how to continue. We do not think we would be where we are today without you. We especially love your continuous contact with us with up to date information relating to child care. This is important to me.

We would love to be a reference for you in the future, although we do not want to “share” you with anyone else. We cannot wait to tell future parents of your incredible warmth, patience, and compassion for babies. You are one-of-a-kind. Thank you, La Terra.

Sophie and Eric S.

Dear Fellow Parent,

I am thrilled to be writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of La Terra Jackson. La Terra worked with my family during the hospitalization of my newborn daughter and through our transition home. La Terra is a childcare expert specializing in the first three months of life. And I am fortunate to have formed a deep bond with her and to also call her my friend.

My daughter was born on March 7th, 2016. Four weeks later she stopped breathing and her skin turned blue. I immediately drove to the nearest emergency room. At the hospital, I
learned that my baby was born with a heart murmur and hole in her left ventricle. I reached out to La Terra from the hospital in New Mexico. She made arrangements immediately, arriving from Washington, D.C. four days later.

When La Terra arrived at the hospital my daughter was hooked up to an array of NICU equipment to support her breathing and track her health and vitals. In particular, she needed an oxygen monitor that would trigger an alarm each time my baby stopped breathing. I had spent four days alone in the hospital at that point. The baby was under observation for possible seizure episodes. The day La Terra arrived I fell asleep knowing that my baby was in safe hands. When the alarm next rang to signal that my baby was running out of oxygen, I did not wake up. I was completely spent. La Terra nimbly stepped in to assist the NICU team with monitoring the baby, learning the visible signs of neonatal seizure to update the NICU team at each check-in.
She remained alert through the night. The doctors felt comfortable dismissing the seizures as a concern with the support of La Terra’s observations. We were approved for discharge the next day.

Due to my daughter’s low birth weight, lactation and breastfeeding were my top priorities.
We were sent home with a supplemental feeding kit. I was so relieved to have La Terra’s
help to assemble, setup, troubleshoot, and clean all the small parts. She made an otherwise unwieldy system of tubes and syringes feel organized, which matters a great deal at three o’clock in the morning! La Terra was a great breastfeeding support. She stayed close by to help with latching, maneuvering the pump parts, and generally helping me to be as comfortable as possible. La Terra is now working toward becoming a Lactation Educator and I anticipate she will benefit many families with her friendly and helpful bedside manner.

Finally, I must share our experience of La Terra’s help with the transition home from the hospital. La Terra accompanied me and my two school-age children along with the baby back
to our home. While I settled in to focus on helping my baby grow strong, La Terra provided sibling support for the baby’s big brother and sister. She spent time playing games, doing school
pick-up and drop-off, homework assistance, and helped us all get back to our daily routines. One of the best ideas she had was to create a command center. The command center is where we could keep track of what was happening in the life of each family member. I could quickly see all our routines as well as special events like appointments and school work. La Terra’s organizational support gave us a sense of calm stability in the midst of turbulence.

If you are looking for someone with newborn expertise, stamina, and the ability to deal with emotional situations, all while alleviating anxiety for parents, and aiding siblings in transitioning to life with a new baby, then La Terra is the best person for the job.
I welcome any opportunity to share what it meant to us to have La Terra at our side during our NICU stay. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Ceriss B.