About Sleep Consulting

/sleeping through the night/ – Verb

8 to 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Just sleep. During the night. Apart from naps. Or feedings. Or human pacifiers.


Sleep consulting is for parents who don’t want to choose between their baby’s sleep and their own. Sleep consulting is for families who wish for rest for everyone.


Supporting leaders is at the heart of my business. Everything from my flexibility, to the caliber of my training, to the evidence-based way I approach nurturing children – my commitment is to helping you grow your family while continuing to build your mission. Operating out of Washington D.C. means supporting doers, rainmakers, way-makers, winners, and revolutionists. The parents I work with are second, or fourth, or first-time late-career parents. I work with moms and dads who are mission-driven – at home and out in the world.


In other words, I work with people who need sleep. Deep, unapologetic, and vital sleep that keeps you at the top of your game so that the mission continues to grow while you grow your family.


You can do this. I am here to help. We’ll do it together.

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