About Lactation Counseling

Lactation counseling is a specialized, in-person, judgment-free way to learn how to provide breast milk for your baby.


Making milk can be challenging, and parents have to make a lot of decisions with imperfect information. In my experience, the best way to start strong is with the advice and expertise of a lactation professional.


My support – ranging from achieving the first latch to healing the breastfeeding relationship after challenges – is designed to get thoughtful conversations started about breastfeeding so that you can achieve the best possible outcomes for your baby. Parents leave my lactation consultation with new ideas and actions they can apply immediately, to keep their milk supply growing and help their baby to grow too.


You won’t find any judgment here – I hate that.


A lactation visit is like a conversation, I learn about you, your baby, and your goals. I am ready to help solve problems. Whether you are pumping through the pre-check or just figuring out where is your pump’s power button. A lactation consult is a time to sort out your needs and collaborate with a specialist on your next steps.

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